Storage Performance Management (SPM) software from IntelliMagic provides proactive and predictive capabilities that enable superior performance and availability from enterprise storage.

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Storage Performance

Growth in space capacity on disk drives has outpaced growth in performance capacity. Storage Performance Management (SPM) solves the problems caused by performance now being the more difficult constraint.

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Proactive Storage Performance Management at Schaeffler

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IntelliMagic Direction gained us insight and allowed us to discuss the possible configurations with our vendor, which we could not do previously. The process resulted in a 34% reduction in hardware to what we initially planned.

A large US insurance company

IntelliMagic Direction provides us clear insight into how to optimize our storage environment, and helps identify any performance problems or bottlenecks.

Nico Lammers, PharmaPartners

I do love this software. Don't know what I did without it for 28 yrs but can't live without it now. Thanks again for all your support....

Joe Winterbotham, Enterprise Storage Mainframe Specialist

Our vendor wanted to give us an 8th Disk Subsystem to solve our performance issues, but we preferred to understand what was causing them. IntelliMagic allowed us to do just that: greatly improving performance without additional hardware.

A large UK bank

Through decisions supported by IntelliMagic Vision we have reduced our average response time from 4.2 to 1.4 milliseconds over the past 3 years. This let us reduce our overall CPU capacity by 1 engine ($600,000 yearly savings).

A large US insurance company

With IntelliMagic Storage Performance Management software, i3 groep can assist customers to get the most out of their hardware. It's a win-win situation all round.

John van Spierenburg, i3 groep

Software products developed by IntelliMagic are used every day by IBM's world-wide sales force.

IBM Systems Group, Tucson, AZ

For me this is the best course I have ever taken and it opened many doors to the topic of HW I/O.

Comment from one of our class participants